IMG_8743January 2024 – Welcome to 2024, as we all eagerly await spring and getting back to spending time with our horse friends and family. A short introduction about myself. I am George Chick, your 2024-2025 Washington State Horsemen President. I was fortunate enough to grow up on an original homestead in Nine Mile Falls, Washington. Although the horses of the homestead were long gone by the time I was born; I always had a love for them. My Uncle was a published author on Native American History in the Inland Northwest, and wrote about their connection with the Appaloosa horse. So, my love of Appaloosas started from his writings. After graduating from High School, I was briefly in the Navy, returned home and completed my AA Degree (general studies) and BA Degree in Criminal Justice. A few years ago, I retired from the fire service at 16 years. My work enjoyment is working for AMR Ambulance Service as an EMT/IV Tech and Field Training Officer for the last 17 years.

Horses came into my life when I met my wife, Jole and her family over 30 years ago while I was in college. I started grooming for her, then showed in halter for several years. I learned to ride on my Mother-In-Law’s Half-Arab gelding, she had me start bareback. Well, the rest as they say is history. I enjoy my time spent with my horses, my family, friends and show team.

At our annual convention last November saw increased numbers in participation in our divisions, except Youth Merit. I want to encourage our membership to reach out to those around you that are not members of
WSH to join, especially our Youth. Each division has so much to offer its participants. We have several members that participate in multiple divisions, that is the enjoyment of our organization, you can do more than one division. In order to develop and increase this organization that we call Washington State Horsemen, it is going to take every single member to come together, get out and talk about the organization. There are always new faces at the events we all participate in, reach out and talk to those new faces. Without new members forging ahead is going to be a difficult road.

Emma Tanner is our marketing person and can be reached at Please make sure that she has your email address, as WSH will be sending out notices, reminders and announcements through Constant Contact. Send her dates for Zone meetings and WSH/Zone events, Youth Merit functions. Let’s get the word out about what is available and what we are doing. It is going to take all of us! Feel free to contact me at or 509-954-7814.

George Chick