Games Division Frequently Asked Questions

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The WSH Games Division is an organization where the entire family can participate together, regardless of breed of horse or skill level. Many of our top riders can also be seen winning at rodeos and barrel races, but they have chosen to participate in WSHGD so that they don’t have to make a choice between doing what they love and spending time with their families. The members of the WSHGD are what make it truly unique. They are people who value family, friends, horsemanship, and sportsmanship above all things.

Many recognize the terms barrel racing, pole bending, O-Mok-See, and Gymkhana. Western Games in the WSH contain fifteen events in which riders may participate in including Barrels, California Stake, Figure 8, Flags, Keyhole, Keyrace, Poles, Cowhide, Rescue Race, Two Man Three Barrel, Two Man Stake, Bareback Relay, Team Baton, Team Flags, and Team Poles. In essence…speed events for those riding horseback. All WSH approved shows run with standard patterns and timeclocks measured to the 1000th of a second. WSH approved shows are held throughout the year all across Washington State with a season that begins on August 1 and runs through July 31.

Riders compete for the opportunity to win day awards at some of the WSH shows, however most of the riders are working towards qualifying for the Washington State Championship Show and Zone Awards. Beyond day awards, Zone awards, and the Championship Show, riders enjoy riding at WSH approved show as the entry fees are minimal, the friendships are strong, the atmosphere is relaxed and fun…and best yet…everyone in the family can ride! Several clubs across the State also offer awards to their club members at the end of the year.

The Washington State Championship Show (WSGC) is the WSHGD′s premier show at which all riders that have a five-time average in an event compete to earn the title of “State Champion”. The show has a history of thrilling competition. Riders of all ages and skill levels will compete in their assigned classifications in each event that they have qualified receiving awards (1st through 6th). Each event will have a State Champion, several class champions, and awards for MANY more riders. Times run will also be utilized in establishing High Point Age Group awards, High Point Individual Horse, and High Point All-Around Horse.

The Games Division is one of the four major divisions of the Washington State Horsemen. The WSH has an Executive Board that consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, ten Directors at Large, and the Director of each of the four major divisions.

The Games Division itself has a Director, East Side Vice, West Side Vice, Secretary, Treasurer, State Times Keeper, Co Junior Rider Representatives, as well as a Rules Committee and Washington State Championship Show committee.

The Rules Committee serves as a body to interpret the rules as found in the WSHGD Rulebook and provide feedback to the Director regarding concerns posed on the rules.

The Washington State Championship Show committee works year-round to plan the annual WSCS.

WSH is also geographically separated into 10 Zones throughout the State.  Each Zone has a Games Chair that works with the Games Division riders in their immediate area.

Clubs across the State host shows for Games Division riders on their quest for WSCS qualification and Zone Awards. The Clubs are allowed to set the price per ride as well as arena fees. Rides usually are $2.00 per ride and arena fees can be found as low as $3.00 per day per rider. As you can see, the cost to ride is often less than the cost of the gas it took to get to the show but it is our desire to see that Western Games remain affordable for the entire family and our clubs work very hard to achieve this goal. We are fortunate as a Division that our officials (judges, timers, and stewards) usually volunteer their time thus keeping our expenses low.

Each year the Rules Committee works to put on a clinic that highlights the rule changes from the previous year and helps train judges and timers. Those desiring to become an official begin by taking a “Timers Test” at a clinic. The questions found on the Timers Test are taken directly from the WSHGD Rulebook which all candidates are asked to become familiar with prior to testing. With a 100% score on the Timer′s Test, a “Student Timer” card is issued to those that are 16 and over. Student Timers are given two years to provide verification that they have timed each event at least two different times and upon doing so, are promoted to a First Timer allowing them to run the electronic clocks. Upon becoming a First Timer they may also petition the Rules Committee to take the Judge’s Test and begin on the path to becoming a Certified Judge.

Shows are held throughout Washington State throughout the year. A listing of WSH-Approved Games Shows can be found in the WSHGD′s newsletter, the Canter, or on the WSH website′s events calendar. Interested riders are encouraged to check these avenues frequently as they are constantly being updated and shows may even appear on the website as late as 10 days prior to the event.

There are just three easy steps to participating in the Games Division and having your times count for qualifying for the WSCS or for Zone, and Club awards…

  1. Join WSH through a club or as a non-club member.
  2. Obtain a permanent number through your Zone Games Chair (or their designated represented) or through the WSHGD Times Keeper and complete / return the registration form. Forms can be found on the Forms Page of the website.
  3. Begin riding and have fun!

First, we would like to thank those clubs ⁄ individuals that have hosted shows for the Games Division in the past. Through them, we are all able to ride and work towards our individual goals whether they be the WSCS or improving our times.

For those interested in hosting new shows, we are able to pair you with someone that has put on shows for several years to serve as your “mentor” should you desire. To host a show…

    1. Compete a show approval application found on the Forms page of the website and return to the WSHGD Secretary at least 10 days prior to the event with the fee of $15.00 per day. Once approved, the show will then be listed in the WSHGD electronic newsletter and in the Canter.
    1. Obtain a show packet from the WSHGD Secretary. These will be e-mailed to Show Chairs and will include Arena Sheets, Record Breaking Sheets, Steward’s Report Forms, and much more.
    1. Have the show and have a great time making sure to use the WSH Approved Arena Sheets for recording all times. The show must also use certified judges, timers, and a steward.
    1. Return the originals of the arena sheets to the WSHGD Times Keeper within 96 hours of completing the event (24 hours if hosting a show that falls on the last weekend of the season).
    1. Return a ride count and 60 cents per ride to the WSHGD Treasurer within 96 hours of completing the event (24 hours if hosting a show that falls on the last weekend of the season).
    1. Return the Steward’s Report to the WSHGD Director within 96 hours of completing the event (24 hours if hosting a show that falls on the last weekend of the season).