Youth Merit Points and Awards

WSH youth are considered to be some of the best in the State. Many of you are completing tasks daily through school, community service, and riding that you may be earning credit for through the Youth Merit program. We encourage you to take the time to review the point system listed and begin your journey to earning these tangible awards.

• 50 – Participation Plaque and Certificate
• 100 – Certificate of Merit and Yellow Tag
• 200 – Certificate of Excellence and Red Tag
• 300 – Honor of Excellence Certificate and Blue Tag, T-Shirt
• 500 – Bronze Medallion
• 650 – Superior Jacket
• 800 – Silver Medallion
• 1,000 – Supreme Belt Buckle
• 1,200 – Gold Medallion
• 1,400 – $50 Scholarship Award
• 1,600 – $75 Scholarship Award
• 1,800 – $100 Scholarship Award

Points count from the date of enrollment providing you are a current WSH member. Credit is not given for tasks that are accomplished prior to enrolling. Points are carried forward into the next year without interruption. Tasks cannot be redone unless they are marked with a * or they were not completed in a prior year. Additional points cannot be earned unless dues for the new year have been paid and the new WSH membership number is turned into the Youth Merit Advisor by MARCH 15TH.

Youth Merit members may earn up to one medallion level each year. For example, a youth earning 650 points their first year will receive the Participation Plaque, Certificate of Merit, Certificate of Excellence, Honor of Excellence, and Bronze Medallion. The following year, they will receive the Superior Jacket as long as the Youth Merit member earns at least 100 new points during the year and renews their WSH membership.

In order to receive a Scholarship Award, Youth Merit members must earn the minimum points listed, write a 500+ word essay, and present the essay at Convention. If unable to attend Convention, a video recording of the essay must be sent ahead of Convention to one of the Youth Merit Chairs. Only one Scholarship will be awarded per year to a Youth Merit member.

Verification of task performance is accomplished with the signature of an adult (preferably not a parent of the youth) who can verify, based on personal knowledge that the task was satisfactorily completed. The completion certification date must be given. The adult should include his/her title (show official, club officer or relationship).

The deadline for submitting records for awards to be presented at the current year’s Convention is August 1.  All awards will be presented annually at the WSH Convention.  Those unable to attend will receive their awards via their Zone Advisor and/or mail.

Del Haack Junior Achievement Award

This award is given to the Youth Merit Member with the most new points earned each year.

• 2020 Winner:  Savannah Price (Prairie Zone)

Chet Kelley Memorial Award

This award is given to the Youth Merit Member with the most participation in community service, school related activities, church activities, etc. (Sections 14 and 15).

• 2020 Winner:  McKinzi Tanner (Northeast Zone)

High Point 10 and Under

This award is given to the Youth Merit member earning the most new points in the 10 and under class.

• 2020 Winner:  Mason Price (Prairie Zone)

High Point 11-13

This award is given to the Youth Merit member earning the most new points in the 11 to 13 class.

• 2020 Winner:  Emili Brandt (Prairie Zone)

High Point 14-17

This award is given to the Youth Merit member earning the most new points in the 14 to 17 class.

• 2020 Winner:  Riley Gardner (Prairie Zone)

Youth Merit Members are only eligible to win one Special Award each year. These awards will be distributed at the Awards Banquet during Convention.

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