IMG_8743I am so excited that spring is here, shows are beginning, and WSH is beginning another year of focusing on our passion for horses.

Washington State Horsemen has something to offer everyone that has a love of horses. This organization is about promoting equine-related activities and events that many have come to know and love. We are an organization that continues to change and evolve with the goal remaining “Washington State’s premier multi-discipline, multi-breed, and multi-age equine organization that remembers that our youth members are our future.”

First off, let me thank all who attended Convention. WSH Convention this year was fun…mechanical bull and everything. If you were unable to join us in 2015, be sure to join us for the 2016 Convention as you never know what fun is in store. We have a new year and I am excited about it. With all that Washington State Horsemen has to offer, I don’t know where to start. We have Horse Shows, Game Shows, Trails Hours to Log, Working Horse award opportunities, Convention, Youth Merit, and FUN. Fun, that I have enjoyed for a long time. I am excited to be the new President of WSH and scared at the same time. This is a little bit new for me and a little out of my norm but with the help of all that join WSH and our Board Members, we will make this a year to remember.

To all our new members, WELCOME to WSH. This organization is made up of people that have the same love and interest in our equine friends as you do. We are joined together to help support and promote equine activities in Performance, Games, Trail Rides, Working Horse, and so much more. I am glad that you chose WSH. We are excited to have you in our organization.

This year, two of our divisions will take on a new look in their leadership. Both the Horse Show Division and the Working Horse Division will be committee-led in 2016. Your support and patience during this transition is appreciated. More importantly, ask how you can assist these committees.

The Washington State Horsemen website is up and running. Several of the Board Members will be trained on editing the website on January 9. Together, we will work towards keeping you up to date with the most recent news and forms available. Speaking of January 9, the WSH Board will be holding their first quarter meeting at the Kittitas Valley Event Center in Ellensburg. Be sure to check the WSH Facebook page for the time. We’ll hope the weather cooperates…safe travels!

This year is just beginning and I know of quite a few Horse Shows and Game Shows that are in the making and we will have a calendar out to you soon. Working Horse is in the process of making a few changes so we will get that information out to you as soon as possible. Trails and Pleasure…join, ride your horse, track your hours, and earn awards. This is fun no matter how you look at it.

I am here to say that I believe in this organization and would enjoy to see this year be its best. Not because I’m President but because WSH truly is the best. Here we are, together, enjoying our “horsey” friends in whatever discipline you ride, doing what we enjoy the most. It can’t get any better than that. See you in the arena!

Chris Thompson – WSH President