IMG_8743April 2020 – Wish that I could say that this was going to be the best spring ever but quarantines got in the way. I hope that some of you have still gotten out to at least ride a little to keep your horses in tip-top shape and provide yourself some well-earned “equine therapy”. I know that I have. Even with these struggles and not being able to have shows, myself and all major division directors are hard at work to figure out how make this year another success. I truly appreciate their “thinking outside of the box” ideas and their continued hard work for our members. These ladies truly care about each of you, your health, and your success.

I feel so blessed to be a part of Washington State’s premier multi-discipline, multi-breed, and multi-age equine organization that remembers that our youth members are our future. We are an organization, yes, but it feels like we are so much more than that…we are family!

To those that have rejoined again this year…THANK YOU for your continued support! If you haven’t joined yet…please contact your club secretary as soon as possible or if you do not belong to a club, the membership form is on the final page of the Canter and on our website. We are also asking members that have joined in the past but didn’t join us in 2019, to join us again. Those in this category will be given the opportunity to register the ENTIRE family for the cost of an individual price. Be sure to take advantage of this great offer…we can’t wait to see you again!

A big “thank you” to all of those that joined us on our ZOOM Board Meeting on April 11. Your continued dedication to this organization is truly appreciated. Each Monday, tidbits from the Board Meeting will publish on the WSH Facebook page…be sure to watch for them. Also coming up…Zone Town Hall Meetings. More information on the meetings are included later in this issue. Join us!

We are still going to have a wonderful Convention at the Spokane Airport Ramada, November 13-15. I can’t stress enough…the hotel has an indoor pool…AND A WATER SLIDE! It’s going to be a great Convention so everyone, please hang in there. We are all going to make it out okay and when all of this is still said and done we will be back to competition season just like quarantines never happened. Happy Spring and see you soon —

Emma McLaughlin

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